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Life Insurance

Term Life:

Life insurance policies that last for a specified term or period of time (1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 years). Typically, term insurance provides the most cost-effective way to obtain coverage for a limited amount of time to protect loved ones in the case of untimely demise. This is most often used to pay off any remaining mortgage and final expenses or debts, providing a replacement income for surviving loved ones. Also, term insurance is great for people who may not currently have the resources to obtain a permanent policy but who want to lock in their insurability before their rates increase due to age or new health issues. We represent the major carriers (over 50 of them), and we'll find you the best coverage based on your specific needs. We will also review current policies to ensure that they are appropriate for your situation and that their internal expenses, premiums, and performance remain competitive in the constantly-evolving life insurance market.

Permanent Life Insurance: Whole Life and Universal Life

These policies are used by many business owners, executives, doctors, athletes, and entertainers as a way to obtain permanent life insurance coverage and to allocate a specified amount of personal or company resources to a future pool of money. These life insurance policies may be purchased in qualified or non-qualified plans, and they provide life insurance protection when the insured passes away. The cash that accumulates in these policies can be used at any time in the future to start a business, fund a child’s future college tuition, or help with retirement, and in many states is creditor-proof (protected from bankruptcy, civil suits, etc.). We can show you how your assets will grow in a tax-advantaged life insurance policy, versus leaving them be outside a policy.

Life Insurance with the benefits of Long Term Care:

A recent innovation in the life insurance industry allows those holding a permanent life insurance policy to have advanced access to a cash flow stream from their death benefit. This death benefit can cover the expenses of in-home or nursing home health care if the insured meets certain requirements. Many people choose this option because it allows them to save the money from long term care insurance premiums and apply it to their life insurance coverage if a long term care event never occurs.

Premium Finance:

Premium financing may enable people with a high net worth to purchase life insurance by borrowing the necessary funds to pay the life insurance premiums. This means you may not have to liquidate your investments or otherwise change your normal cash flow. This innovative arrangement protects the net worth you have built up over the course of your life so far, and it assists in the passing of your financial legacy to future generations – all without altering your additional financial strategies.

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